NSOU Chemistry BDP

Course Code Course Title Link
ECH-1 General Chemistry (B-1) Download
ECH-1 General Chemistry (B-2) Download
ECH-2 Inorganic Chemistry – I Download
ECH-3 Inorganic Chemistry – II Download
ECH-4 Practical Chemistry – I Download
ECH-5 Inorganic Chemistry – III Download
ECH-6 Physical Chemistry – I Download
ECH-7 Physical Chemistry – II Download
ECH-8 Practical Chemistry – II Download
ECH-9 Physical Chemistry – III Download
ECH-10 Organic Chemistry – I Download
ECH-11 Organic Chemistry – I Download
ECH-12 Practical Chemistry – III Download
ECH-13 & 14 Reactive Intermediates; Molecular Rearrangements, Pericyclic Reactions Download
ECH-13 & 14 Macromolecules; Spectroscopy–Practical applications in Organic compounds; Colour Constitution of Organic Compounds Download
ECH-13 & 14 Biomolecules – I & II Download
ECH-13 & 14 Biogenetics and Metabolism Download
SCH-1 Download
SCH-2 Download
SCH-3 Download
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