NSOU BDP Geography Study Materials

Course Code Course Title Link
EGR-1 Concepts of Physical Geography and Geotectonics Download
EGR-2 Landform Processes Download
EGR-3 Climatology Download
EGR-4 Practical Geography – I Download
EGR-5 Soil Geography and Biogeography Download
EGR-6 Geography of Resources Download
EGR-7 Geography of Economic Activities Download
EGR-8 Practical Geography – II Download
EGR-9 Geography of Settlement Download
EGR-10 Geography of Population Download
EGR-11 Evolution of Geographical Thought Download
EGR-12 Practical Geography – III Download
EGR-13 & 14 Environmental Geography, Agricultural Geography &Regional Planning Download
SGR-1 Physical Geography Download
SGR-2 Human and Regional Geography Part1 & Part2
SGR-3 Practical Geography Download

All these Study Materials are the property of Netaji Subhas Open University and all rights reserved to NSOU.

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